Corn Poncho raincoat

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Product number: A24-W09504
Product information "Corn Poncho raincoat"
WoW! This reusable poncho is made from waste from corn production: 4% PLA, 60% PBAT and 36% cornstarch. The starch that remains as a by-product is called PLA. To make a kind of plastic (PLA) of maize, the maize grains are mixed with sulfur dioxide in hot water, so that all components in this mixture develop again into starch, proteins and fibres. The fibers are made into a kind of plastic, which can be used to develop a poncho. This poncho is much more durable in production than plastic ponchos. In addition, this material is also 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. So it really disappears if it is accidentally thrown away in nature. The ponchos are transparent cream in color. Packed in a slipcover also made of the same material as the poncho itself with a design card in it with the sustainable story. Unfolded dimensions, measured without hood: 100 x 125 cm.
Color: Transparent
Country of Origin: CN
Customs Tariff Number: 6201401019
Eco: Yes
Height: 100mm
Length: 140mm
Material: corn waste
Production time: - on the pouch (max 60 x 35 mm), sticker: Production time 6 working days after final approval
- on the card insert, 1 side (max 130 x 85 mm), digital print: Production time 8 working days after final approval
Weight: 70g
Width: 10mm

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