About us

Formed in 1996, Gifthorse Promotions have been providing clients with branded products for over 25 years, often in conjunction with printed collateral from our parent company RPM, featuring at trade shows and events both at home and overseas.

Back then, the Internet or World Wide Web as it was more commonly referred to wasn’t really a thing and Amazon didn’t arrive in the UK until 1998.

Novelty products and eye-catching innovations were often handed out at events as giveaways to raise awareness and establish brand loyalty against a backdrop of mass consumerism and must-have the latest thing.

More recently, the world has become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of branded products, particularly single-use and plastic items.

We’ve refined our product offering, taking a more considered approach, where the emphasis is centred on products that have strong eco credentials combined with usefulness and higher value, serving both corporate and private clients.

If this ethos strikes a chord with your company philosophy, then take your time to browse our website and delve into our range of eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise, which has been carefully curated – just for you. 

The Gifthorse Promotions Team